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I haven't any problems with my love life, my personal
relationships, or my body to ask about (they're all quite peachy for the
moment), so my request is a bit unusual. I was wondering if this wise gator
had a good recipe for sweet rice pudding. None in my family who knew
how to make it are still around to tell me how.
-- = Julie

Nope, sorry. This lizard doesn't even know how to make rice. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

i sucked a straight boy's dick.
he's dating my friend.
she is going to stab me when she finds out.
he is so, so, so hot.
he invited me over to smoke pot with him tommorow night.
he also has access to incredible weed.
she is going to stab me twice.
-- = simon

Help? Sounds like you have it pretty good... unless you liked your friend, but it doesn't sound like you did. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

hay babay gurllll diz hea be flotilla. so lissen up
shawty... my menz rite.. he be wylin. ionno wa da fuQ to do nann more babay.
he be out six ta se'en in da mo'nin wit deze hoes dat i aint even like
and i smell dey damn private parts on his damnnnn appendage! so it aint
even all dat tho elliebabay... i wouldnt even curr cept da fact dat i
jus find out this shit yesterday that i be preggoz wit da boys baby!
ion want diz da man to be fatherinz my chilluns ya heard? see da shit is
tho that as carelesss he be bout da relationship wit mee he gone care
bout da chillunz.. but diz aint da type of bruh i want to be fatherinz
my chillinz rye? so legally dere be any way i can not have him
fatherinz my child? it aint safe for diz babay ya hear? he be in drugz and
hoes and shit... i dont need that mess! i was gonna lie and be all like i
gotz my hoes too diz aint y0z but he gone wanna paternity.. should i
jus get costiddy? ionno bout alla dat tho.. i aint got no money fo


The legal way to prevent him from fathering your child is to have an abortion. I hope you have one with all due haste. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey. I have a real problem, and I don't know what to do
anymore. I saw your site, and I thought I may try it out, you seem wise.
X)Anyhoo, this may be long, so grab a cup of coffee or something. =/

Well, there is this guy I met online. Now, I'm not the one who goes
around dating random guys online, please don't think that of me. Anyways,
we met, we talked, he became a great friend. We've known each other
awhile, and well, he admitted not too long ago that he liked me. It's hard
to control how I feel for him, and the fact that he's moving nearby
soon, I guess I kind of like him too.

My friends have a problem with this, especially one, I'll call her X
just not to name any names. Well, she keeps teasing me and such, and she
got mad at me. I didn't do a single thing to her. She basicly doesn't
want me to have any other friends than her. She says I complain all the
time. It's not fair, whenever she complains, I listen to her and cheer
her up, but when I complain, she exclaims "OH IT'S ALWAYS YOU YOU YOU"

X and my other friend, Y, got back together as friends, and are calling
me a whorey pathetic loser and saying that I think I'm so cool cause i
have online fakey bf. If they only knew how low my self esteem was, but
I don't want to go there. u_u

Now, there is friend, Z, who thinks I"m always insulting her. I don't,
the only time I've ever insulted her seriously is when I said that
She's being a dumbass not doing her homework and that she should try harder
and stop being sucha fucking twit. The rest of the time it's just a
joke, yet she seems to take those seriously, even if she doesn't for my
other friend, A. (Okay, letters, sorry but I'd rather not mention names)

So basicly, I won't say my life is very hard, but I believe they're
trying to make it hard for me. They won't leave me alone, my guy friend is
the only one who really cares how I feel and actually tries to cheer me
up, which he always is able to do.

I don't know what to do anymore, my situation may not be that terrible,
but it's still something that makes me sad. What am I to do? Please
help. Thank you for your time. =/
-- = Anonymous

You can have entire friendships online, but you can't have dating relationships. Don't pretend you're having one until it's a real life one. Your friends might forgive you that. You might want to quit jokingly insulting Z. Maybe A has a sweeter disposition that lets her get away with the insults. Who knows? The only part that matters is that she feels insulted. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

-- = Test

It worked. I run all my questions. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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