Eleanor Roosevelt (ellie_roosevelt) wrote,
Eleanor Roosevelt

election advice

Hi Ellie,

I live in New York City. Who should I vote for for mayor? I prefer Bloomberg's policies but Ferrer's politics.
-- = Mike

Ferrer. Do you remember voting last year? You had 1 vote and Bloomberg had 1 vote. Bloomberg also had several million dollars to use to make sure that America still tortures people. He spent several million dollars to get Sam Alito on the Supreme Court. He spent several million dollars to disgrace the memory of 9/11 by invading Iraq. If Bloomberg didn't want this election to be about party affiliation, he wouldn't have spent his personal fortune to make sure that America is miserable. Bloomberg cut food stamps as a response to Hurricane Katrina. Bloomberg hates balancing budgets and would rather cut taxes on himself. Every day he wakes up with the option of repudiating these godawful policies and every day he decides to continue lending them his support. Judging by the recent polls, your vote for Ferrer would only be a protest vote. Can you think of a better man to protest than an ardent Republican? I can't. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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