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Sorry for the Absence

sometimes i become very paranoid about subtle things to the
extent that i fear i have no control over my own actions and will give
into said fears whcih will result in my own self-destruction, more or
less. Usually when I'm over-tired - I focus on irrelevant things nd
produce a huge anxiety from them, it worries me becuase I cant survive a 24
hour time period without having some sort of unstable, scared, mental

-- = nicole.

You probably need medication more than advice. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Hmm where is your guestbook? Guestlog didn't work. I wanted
nto tell you what a cool website you had (I am a web designer too). I am
an english major too so I had a lot of fun with your poetry maker. Plus
you're really cute :)
-- = Gregory Gochtovtt

I don't have a guest book. I am not Laura. I am really cute though, so thanks, sweetie. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

im bored
-- = bored

Too bad it took me a month to get to your question then, isn't it?! -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I think I might be pregnant. I don't want to get tested and
find out if I am, because then I know I wouldn't be able to get rid of
it. My friend told me to crush 6 aspirin and put them in pop, then down
the whole thing very quickly and it would make me bleed. She says that
if I'm pregnant, this will cause me to miscarry. What do you think?
Should it work? Is it safe? Should I do it?
-- = May

Just get an abortion like a normal person. If you try to have a miscarriage and you don't have one, you're just going to have baby with birth defects. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi, Ellie. Okay, my friend has turned into a total cunt
lately. She puts me down all the time and when my other friend got pregnant,
she made her change her mind and make her the godmother rather than me.
How can I get her to stop and should I stay friends with her? And also,
how can I convince my other friend not to let such a cunt take care of
her baby?
-- = Frankee

Don't stay friends with her. What's the point? Being a Godparent is an honor, but it holds no formal power. You can still take care of her baby, though judging by the tone of your question, your friend is probably too young to be having a baby, and she should follow the advice I gave to the last petitioner. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I want to ask someone out, but she's really close to me
already, she's alerady confused, and someone else likes her. Should i ask
her out.
-- = Oliver Closeoff

Yes, unless that someone else who likes her is your close friend. Then the answer is "maybe." Is she worth losing your friend over? She might be. Asking her out might mess up the friendship you have with her, but your friendship you have with her might just be what you're substituting for a romantic one. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I really like this guy that I have only known for about 4 months. I don't know him really well, but enough to say i am friends with him. He told me he had a crush on me a week or so after we met. He has kissed me a couple of times, and i hang out with him occasionally on the weekends. But, during the week, like at school, i rarely talk to him or see him. I have a class with him, and we don't talk to eachother at all in the classroom. Recently, he hasn't been calling me at all, and although he has still said that he likes me, i see no sign of that from his actions. Even 2 months ago, I saw him with another girl who it appeared he liked too, but then said that he didn't want to hang out with her anymore. So, if he still likes me...why do i not see him acting on it? Why does he not try harder to be around me?? He is a very outspoken and outgoing guy, who is NOT afraid to go after what he wants and say what he feels...if he wants something he says it or goes after it...so, if he likes me like he says he does, why does he not pay any attention to me? Does he even like me or is he just saying that? I have a huge crush on him, and WANT to be around him, but i don't know what to do. Are my feelings mutual? I don't know if i can take him seriously when i see nothing coming from him. I am so confused, and i just want to know what is going on. Do you have any way to make sense out of this...??

- Wishing for something that might not be there...

If fhe goes after what he wants, and he isn't going after you, maybe he doesn't like you. On the other hand, maybe he has given up because you don't seem interested enough. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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