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All I do is lie in bed.
-- = Utufu

You know what they say in the old country--better to only lie in bed than to lie in bed and soil the sheets with defecation. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

I have this (guy) friend who I occasionally do s-e-x -ual
favors for, and we both like each other, but yet we're not going out.
He's nice to me and all, and seems to genuinely care about me...we're
pretty relaxed around each other, too. What exactly are we? Would the term
"friends with benefits" fit? and if it does, should I keep "hanging
out" with him? We've had arguements before, but we end up on a good basis
after a while, somehow.
-- = Angie, or "exasperated"

You have described a situation without articulating a problem. Do you mind doing sex deeds with him but not having a relationship? If so, quit it. Do you mind having the term "friends with benefits" apply to you? If so, tell him to commit to you or hump someone else. There's nothing inherently wrong with those things unless they bother you, and if they bother you, then quit! -- Eleanor Roosevelt

college is hard. people don't realize this. also, college
guys just want to have sex when you don't and waste your time and try to
steal your friends because they were too nerdy and stupid in high
school to learn how to make any on their own. you would think college boys
are more mature, but they're not and they only think about one thing
when you would rather do your work and not play around with somebody who
is going to leave you the second he has your body!

so, anyway to get rid of these idiots? or will i have to try and avoid
them for the rest of college?
-- = annoyed

You will probably only have to try to avoid them for a little while. After they come to realize that they can't put their thingies in you so easily, they'll leave you alone. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey Ms. Roosevelt,

Why havent you been getting lots of questions lately? Anyways. I have
another one of those annoying teenage romance questions. I am 14. I am a
freshman in High school.
Okay. So I go to this horrible high school where most of the guys are
gay and the girls are all tall, blond and skinny. I am not tall. I am
not blond. And I have never been skinny for even a day of my life. So I
am not one of the girls that guys drool over. I have never even had a
relationship in my life. I havent even had somone like me...
I liked this one guy a lot. I finally got the courage to ask him out.
He said "when?"... but I hadnt planned on actually getting that far with
him so I just said I didnt know... he just looked at me in a weird way
and the looked at the ground... I was angry so I said "whatever" and I
walked off... my friend was still there and she said "so will you go
out with her" he thought about it then said "i dont know" then she got
frustrated and asked him to please say yes or no//// so he said no. Now
he spends all him free time avoiding me... he is late to classes because
he takes different routes to avoid me... he even switched seats so he
didnt have to sit by me. What does this mean? and what can I do to get
over him?
-- = anonymous4

I don't know why I haven't been getting more questions. It might be because I don't update often enough. I don't update often enough because I don't get enough questions. It's a vicious circle. Maybe we can compromise.

That boy liked you enough to go out with you. He feels awkward now becuase you made a situation very awkward. I think you could undo it by saying "ok, I decided when. Let us go to [wherever] on [this date] and we will pay for ourselves because we do not have a lot of money, but we will enjoy each other's company. And then we might kiss, so be ready." That will not be awkward at all, even though it seems awkward. It won't be awkward because it tells him exactly what to expect and he will not have any nervousness. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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