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President's Day Advice

I am too young to have an abortion, and I don't want to give
birth, so adoption is out. How can I get rid of this baby?
-- = Tanya

You are not too young to have an abortion. Your choices are to have a baby come out of you or not. If you don't want to give birth, you need to get that fetus out of you. That means abortion. A miscarriage is an abortion. What we call abortion is an abortion. Anything that isn't a birth is an abortion. Called Planned Parenthood and ask them where you can go to get this fetus out. It's better than the alternatives, like throwing yourself down the steps or starving yourself so the fetus is malnourished and aborts itself. The problem with those are you hurt yourself too and you might not be successful and you'll just have a deformed baby for the rest of your life. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

My friend is being a bitch. Help me devise a way to
de-bitch-ize her!
-- = Kathleen

About the only thing you can do is to stop being her friend. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Is it possible for a guy to be in love with his girlfriend
but still cheat on her (when drunk)... we're talking guys in their mid
twenties and serious relationships. I always thought that if someone
cheats then there's clearly something wrong in the relationship and it
should come to an end ... but several men I know struggle to see my point
of view and continue seeing their girlfriends after cheating on them
and keep it a secret. I get the impression alot of men are happy to
carry on in tired, safe and comfortable relationships as it's easier than
having the hassle of breaking up. Am I right? Or can a drunken mistake
be just a blip in a loving relationship? (I have never been in love but
have found myself as 'the other woman' on a drunken occasion before.)
-- = Louisa

In general, no. But it has long been this gator's opinion that too many people are in relationships. People don't want the hassle of breaking up. People don't want to feel alone. A drunken mistake can be a drunken mistake, but if it happens twice, that relationship should end. That's a pattern. And the fact that several men you know do it makes me think that it's already a pattern. They all think they're entitled to such shennanigans if they get drunk first. No. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

i keep falling for boys who then turn out to be gay (or claim
they are bisexual, which is usually a cover up for "i have tried out
girls and broken their hearts and guys are more easy to deal with and i
understand their bits better")!!!!!!! i do not think i come across as a
gay man, as i am not one (i am a normal girl with indie music leanings
and bad dance skills). how do i find a straight man that does not ever
want to bed a man? should i straight going to sports bars?
-- = matilda

Move to a more conservative area. There, even the guys who'd like to be gay will fake it. -- Eleanor Roosevelt


I'm seeing this girl. She is polite, intelligent, sensible and ugly.
People say 'If you aren't entirely attracted to her you are doing both of
you a disservice by staying with her'

The trouble is this is rubbish. I'm gonna stay with her until I like
her face. I know she isn't a looker, but I am beyond caring. Is this
-- = Jarrod

I wholeheartedly reject the notion that you should break up with someone for that other person's benefit. You are safe in assuming that the other person is mature enough to decide whether the relationship is right or wrong. So you are not doing her a disservice.

If you like her, stay with her. If you don't like her, don't. That is all there is to it. -- Eleanor Roosevelt.
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