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i just turned sixteen and i'm thinking about a summer job. what could i
do besides waiting at restaraunts or shelving books at the library? i
don't have any interest in getting or driving a car. i just want to
feel useful.
-- = judy

How about being a lifeguard? Under no circumstances should you sell knives or Sierra Club memberships door to door. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

dear eleanor,

i find i'm of the same dilemma as the proprietor of this fine site. the
aversion to capitalization and quibbling over grammar rings a bell. i
visited nyu and loved the hell out of it, but my parents wouldn't let me
apply when i was in high school. so i reluctantly went to a
disgustingly large (in-)state school with more money than sense. that's beside the
point. i once had the good fortune to meet a nyu writing masters degree
holder with the eloquence of a meandering mountain brook. she was
amazingly gracious and informative, but i suppose my question is this: how
do you prevent yourself from crushing your head when you write badly? i
find i struggle with daily with this... and my head hurts.
-- = andy

Hmmm. That's a tough one. You could stop writing. You could stop writing badly. I guess that's it. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

dear ellie,

since laura took down her website, are you still going to do the advice
column? i think you're quite awesome at it.
-- = Lucy

I certainly am going to continue, though I'm worried how people will find me. I like advising. -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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