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Should I evacuate?

It's time for this old lizard to ask for some advice of her own now. Hurricane Katrina is on its way to my front door, and she's as strong a hurricane as I've ever seen. I don't know whether to evacuate. I am getting up in my years and there's precious little I could do around the house should anything happen, Heaven forbid. On the other claw, I'm an alligator, and a fiesty one at that. What's a little wind and rain going to do to me anyway? Maybe I'll make myself a Hard Limeade and sit it out.
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You should be evacuating. Or at least get to the SuperDome if you can.

Best of luck to you.

Be safe.

The newspeople can't even keep in communication with each other properly anymore and 80% of the city has already taken off.

Please be safe and get to high ground if you're not already on high ground.

The SuperDome is too crowded. I think I'll wait it out here at home.
and now you got no power.

Here's hoping you're safe and sound.

Before Mr. Roosevelt (not my dear husband, Franklin, rest his soul) created the Tennessee Valley Authority, I didn't have any power either. This hurricane was nothing compared to some of the times I've seen.
Hello, I don't know who you are or anything, I was just looking at lj's in the new orleans area. I suggest you evacuate, personally. 160 mph winds are nothing to laugh at....anyway, whichever you decide to do, good luck!
Thanks, dearie. I decided to wait it out at home. This storm is nuthin' compared to the Great Depression.
Better to be on the safe side, dearie.
Do you have an alternate place to stay? I'd offer up a spot on our couch, but I'm way up in Harlem. Still, you're welcome if you don't have anywhere closer to go.
I have a number of places I could go. I'm a citizen of the world, you know. But I decided to just stay put and wait for the storm to pass. Thank you for the offer though. You're a real sweetheart.
I don't know you either, but Katrina seems pretty bad. Please evacuate, or get to the SuperDome.

Deleted comment

World War II, you were not. I don't reckon I've ever even encountered the likes of you.